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Sun Mar 7, 2010, 1:10 AM by chinara:iconchinara:

EDIT: We'd like to add another condition for affiliation requests. Please make sure that your group occupies mainly with Jak and Daxter. They need to focus on J&D and/or on a specific character of this fandom.

Hello there! =) This is chinara speaking.

As you all know, dA has introduced the new "Affiliates" system! :dummy: It's an awesome addition and I'm glad to have it.

However, as much as it's awesome, we've encountered a bit of a case here. Namely who we want as Affiliate.

Evidently, we accept Affiliate requests from Jak&Daxter-groups. Well, we'd like to keep it at this.
We're really honored that even groups outside the fandom consider us. However, since the Affiliates feature should be something special and since we're here only for the Jak and Daxter-fandom, we will accept Affiliate requests from the Jak and Daxter-verse only.

So yeah. =( Please keep this in mind if you want to affiliate with us. Don't be discouraged if we don't accept your request, we're just devoted to one fandom and one only. And this is Jak and Daxter. c:

chinara, out!

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