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Rules and FAQ

Wed Dec 9, 2009, 5:01 PM by chibi-jak

What are the rules?
  • Submit your art into the right category.
  • No fan characters (OCs). This will be explained further below.
  • No official art edits. This means editing existing art that you did not create.
  • Don't be a dick.

Can I join this group?
Yes, anyone is allowed to join. You don't need to join this group to share your art either. It's ok.

When will I be accepted?
It's automatic, you don't have to write a tearjerking reason to join (even though we enjoy reading them!).

What am I allowed to submit, and how much?
You can submit up to 5 pieces a week of any medium, but only if it's Jak and Daxter-related.

How do I submit my fan art?
  1. Click the button in the gallery section -or- click your avatar under the club icon and select Contribute Existing Deviation.
  2. Select the corresponding gallery folder to your piece (e.g. Tess goes under 'Babes')
  3. Click Submit. It should show up as soon and automatically accepted.

Am I allowed to submit OC art?
Sorry, but we're only looking for art of the 'canon' characters for Jak and Daxter's universe (except for the AU folder). However, our affiliate the JakandDaxter-OC-Club may accept them.

What is an OC?
What is a fan character?

What are some exceptions and limitations to 'OC art'?
As you may know, there is a thin line between OCs and general characters. General characters in the Jak and Daxter game are enemies like Metal Heads, Marauders and Krimzon Guards, or flat characters like Citizens, Wastelanders, and Freedom League Guards- just to name a few.

Yes, of course, they are allowed in a piece, however, you cannot dramatically alter their designs or give them too much info to where they become the main character or are round characters. We just want fan art of the official Jak and Daxter characters, levels, creatures, enemies, etc. so please submit all OC art elsewhere.

What can I submit?
Any medium, but please make sure to put it in the right category because we can't play babysitter at all times for you.

Do you hate OCs?
Not at all- most of the group admins have OCs themselves. It's just that we're only looking for art of established characters in the Jak and Daxter universe. Check out the folders guide so you know what you can submit.

How come in the past fan fiction wasn't allowed?
Because chibi-jak was stupid we existed before the group features were created, so it was bit more difficult to upload literature submissions. It's now 100% allowed, and it even has its own category. :D

What about porn?
It isn't allowed on deviantART, so if you're talking about mature art read further below.

Can I submit mature content?
There has been some positive feedback about the decision of mature art being allowed in the group, and so, it has been decided works of mature art with warnings are allowed. That means, only art that has a warning, not strict, are allowed. This is as mature as we will allow for the time being. Every piece will eventually be reviewed by the group's staff, and anything that we find too inappropriate will be removed.

Here are the guidelines on what mature art we will not allow:
  • Anything that violates deviantART's TOS and Submission Policy*
  • Fetish art (inflation, booblation, furcraze) since it's a very sensitive topic
  • Incorrectly tagged art (where warning is actually strict)
  • Hentai, H, Guro, Loli, etc.
  • Underage nudity**

*We will report it as well as remove it from our group.

**Any nudity of Jak from Jak II will be removed, since he was only 17. This goes against deviantART's guidelines for mature art depicting anyone under the age of 18. For further proof, in Jak X, there were 'ID cards' of each racer written in Precursor, and after being translated, it was discovered that TPL Jak was 15, Jak II was 17, Jak 3 was 18, and Jak X was 19.

I made a mistake in submitting.
You can either withdraw your deviation in the Correspondence folder -OR- note the group, not the admins, of your misplaced deviation. Please report miscategorizations as well.

Are your contests available worldwide?
As fans of Jak and Daxter are worldwide, it would be unfair to exclude members from our contests just because they live on the other side of the planet, so we try our best to make sure contests and prizes are available to as many countries as possible! So technically, our contests are all international!

If you have any further questions, please let us know!


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